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Student Positions:

Resident Assistants (RA) are undergraduate students who have been selected on the basis of their ability to communicate, willingness to accept responsibility, enthusiasm to help others, and familiarity with the University. In University housing, the RAs work to establish and maintain a living environment conducive to a successful educational experience as well as being a resource to students. Reporting to the Hall Director, they are responsible for building relationships, upholding the rules and regulations of TCU, disseminating necessary information, attending to the personal safety of the residents, and helping maintain and protect University property. RAs attend training programs and workshops throughout the year in order to facilitate their own growth and development and to offer better service to residents. If you have any questions, please e-mail

2018-2019 Assistant Hall Director Job Description

2018-2019 Resident Assistant Job Description

2018-2019 Chapter Resident Assistant Job Description

2018-2019 Resident Assistant & Chapter Resident Assistant Checklist

Desk Assistants (DA)
Residence Hall Desk Assistants, a Work-Study preferred position that, are responsible for all office operations during their office hours. The Desk Assistants report to the Assistant Hall Director and Hall Director of the building they may work closely with the Resident Assistants (RAs) in that building. A TCU Desk Assistant represents the Residence Hall in which they work, as well as the TCU community as a whole.

Housing Student Assistants (HSA)
The Housing Student Assistant (HSA) position is a student leadership opportunity in the Office of Housing & Residence Life (HRL). The primary responsibilities of the HSA are to serve as a customer service representative for HRL, work as a receptionist for the front desk in the central office, provide residence hall tours, represent HRL at recruiting and informational forums throughout the year. and articulate policies, services and resources provided by HRL and TCU as a whole to students, parents, faculty, staff and other guests.

In addition, the HSA will be responsible for light office work such as filing, data entry, and running errands to various campus departments. Other duties may be assigned as needed to fulfill departmental needs. HSAs are selected on the basis of their intellect, leadership qualities, willingness to assume responsibilities, and their ability to relate to residents, students, parents, faculty, staff and other guests.

HSAs are first and foremost a student who is obliged to maintain at least a 2.5 semester grade point average during every semester of employment. In addition, HSAs must be work study approved and remain in good standing with the university, both judicially and financially.

Professional Staff:

Hall Director (HD)
Hall Directors are full-time, Masters-level professionals that live and work within the residence halls. This position carries the responsibility of providing a comprehensive residence life program for their residents. One of their primary responsibilities is to build relationships with their residents and RA staff to create an exceptional residential experience.

Please visit our Professional Staff Recruitment page for more information about how you can join our Hall Director team!

Leadership Team (LT)
The Leadership Team is comprised of our Director, Associate Directors, and Assistant Directors. This team provides supervision and guidance for the Hall Director team and Central Office Staff. They manage major projects, lead our facilities manage efforts and are an integral part of our department. The Leadership Team focuses on building relationships not only with their staffs but with campus and community partners.